Book Review: Recipes for a Perfect Marriage by Morag Punty

After her recent wedding, Tressa is not sure that she has married "the one." Dan is a great guy, but she knows that she doesn't love him. She wonders if at thirty-eight she has "settled," just so that she won't be lonely. She wants the perfect marriage that her Irish grandmother had. As the story unfolds, we learn that grandma Bernadine was not as happy as she appeared to be.

In this book, the reader gets to read about both marriages, as the narration alternates back and forth from Tressa to Bernadine. The other fun thing is all of the recipes (I have to admit that I read through all of these first before I started the story). These are the old Irish recipes that Bernadine taught Tressa how to make when she was a child. Each of these recipes are kind of used as object lessons or as a comparison of different difficulties in marriage and how to cope with each. There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom throughout this book. I thought it was a good mixture of fiction and good old common sense.

My Rating

Overall: 3 stars

Objectionable Content: Watch out! This book is not one to read if you are offended by foul language. It was hard for me at times. Also, there are a few mild sexual "scenes."


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