7th Day of Christmas Book Review

Small Camel Follows the Star
Follow the Star
by Rachel W. N. Brown
illustrated by Giuliano Ferri

The original title of this book is Small Camel Follows the Star. The copy that I own is called Follow the Star. I really don't have any idea why this is, but they are the same book.

This book tells the story of the wise men as told from a camel's perspective. Small Camel is still very young when the bright new star first appears in the night sky. He doesn't think that he will be able to go, as his master, Balthazar prepares a caravan to follow the star. He is sad that he will be left behind, while is mother leads the train of camels. At the last minute, Balthazar loads a small wrapped package on his back and tells him that he will be carrying something special. Small Camel gets very tired on this long journey. He is told that they will be presenting a gift to a baby king. As they approach the city where the star shines above a small house, he doesn't understand. How could a king live here?

I think this book was very well done. The story is told easily and simply. I felt like Small Camel personified a young child perfectly. He was trusting and meek, but also curious and impatient (on the journey he would ask the age old question: "Are we there yet?"). In the end, all of his questions haven't been answered, but he feels happy and knows that baby Jesus is a king.

My Rating

Overall: 5 stars

Objectionable Content: none


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