Book Review: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

Curiosity made me pick up this book. It's about a giant. Besides that, it has so many elements that I enjoy in a book. It has bits and pieces about herbs, magic, and quilts.

The story outlines the life of Truly, a girl who starts out big at birth, and continues to grow at an astronomical rate. She struggles to find herself amid all of the loss that seems to be her lot in life. Her life is not the one that she would have imagined for herself. She is stuck in a life that is humiliating, serving an undeserving relative. The tables do eventually turn for Truly, and she is finally free to live and make decisions for herself.

I felt that this book started out strong and lost a bit of it's momentum. The story is compelling, but too much of it is told in the preface. It is one of those books that does make you think about medical ethics. Is there really only black and white, or does the line sometimes blur and you just follow your heart? It would probably make a pretty good pick for a book club read.

My Rating

Overall: 4 stars. I would probably give it five stars if the story had not lagged.

Objectionable content: There is a part where a character has premarital sex, and there is also some details about a character who is homosexual.


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